The Appcast #62: April 20th, 2010 – OS 4.0 vs. Jailbreaking

This week’s show: OS 4.0 vs. Jailbreaking. We extend a listener feedback question into a whole core topic as we explore what OS 4.0 can now cover versus what you’d already get with jailbreak apps.

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Intro Music: Borderline D.U. Mix  from Mixter Two – I Don’t Know What I’m Doing by Brad Sucks.


Show Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. News: Steve Jobs tells people to buy an Android Phone for Adult Content
  3. News: Next generation iPhone leaked
  4. New and Notable Apps
  5. App of the Week
  6. Silly App of the Week
  7. Listener Feedback
  8. Core Topic: iPhone 4.0 vs. Jailbreaking

New Apps Discussed on April 20th, 2010:

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – $5.99 – Sega presents another one of their classic games, but in the usual port fashion that has plagued their previous classic game ports. Just like the previous Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 runs with a fair share of problems. The game runs fine on an iPhone 3G, but often the music will lag or behave strangely. Given that this game was able to run smoothly on a console and several older portable gaming devices, it’s absurd that there would be issues with this incredible platformer on an iPhone. We both love the game, but Sega is really dropping the ball with so many poor ports. This is more a warning than a recommendation.
  2. Vertigo Rogue – $4.99 – A Grand Theft Auto clone with a clever twist: you’re always piloting a helicopter. There’s the common top-down 2D presentation where you go from mission to mission in order to build cash and reputation, but Vertigo Rogue adds more depth by giving you the additional dimension of ascending and descending off the ground. The game is not completely polished, but it’s headed in the right direction in terms of gameplay and new ideas. The story is very 80s/90s generic action movie scripting, but that’s not the reason to check it out. GTA fans may find it interesting, but other users might just want to pick up GTA Chinatown Wars.
  3. Reverse Tip Calculator – Free  - Ever wonder if the amount of money you left is enough to meet the 15% tip average? Reverse Tip Calculator is a simple tool that lets you enter a dollar amount and then tells you the percentage of those dollars to your bill. Simple, easy, and useful.
  4. GameChanger - Free – A great tool for anyone trying to keep stats during a baseball game. Though it’s more designed towards your kids’ baseball game rather than an actual season of baseball, it could still be workable for any baseball game. You can enter in the roster of each team, keep marks on all pitches, defensive plays, and stream all of the game stats and playthroughs online. It’s a powerful tool and certainly one that any crazed baseball stat-tracker would love. (Note: I had no idea this was an old app and apologize for including it this week, though it is quite nice and would come in handy given that baseball season has just begun)
  5. Opera Mini Web Browser – Free – Opera’s new browser is supposed to be fast and a game changer. But, we found that despite some nice layouts and some possibly faster loading times, we still wanted to stick with Safari. Bob found the lack of good zooming to be an issue as he could barely make out any of the text when zoomed into a column of text while Kevin didn’t see much of a difference on 3G (though the 3G was spotty at best). We suspect Opera Mini might be stronger on Edge (given that it actually downloads a compressed image of the website rather than the site itself), but haven’t had enough of an extensive test to rule it as better than Safari.
  6. Chaos Rings - $12.99 – Square-Enix, the famous Japanese RPG publisher, announced Chaos Rings a few months ago and claimed it was designed and developed specifically for the iPhone. The hype for the game was very high, not just as an iPhone game, but as a portable game itself. Now that Chaos Rings has arrive and both of us have had some time to get through the first few hours, all we can say is the game really takes Japanese-style RPGs to the next level. Graphics are on-par with PS2 games, the sound and music are excellent, and the story concept of mismatched pairs of people trying to win and escape a deadly tournament is intriguing and solid. With two possible sets of characters to use, and possibly more to add on as downloadable content, and some potentially different endings, Chaos Rings wants to give you a lot of gameplay for your money, though the $12.99 price is easily justified by the game’s polish. This is an iPhone game that takes the medium to a whole new level.
App of the Week:
Warpgate (Kevin) – $4.99 – Few games offer an expansive world for you to explore, but Warpgate lets you explore several galaxies in many different ways. Manning a small mining ship, you can expand your fame and ship by learning to trade goods, attack pirates, deliver goods, and go mining. You travel the galaxy at your own pace and you determine what missions you will take on to increase your greatness or your wealth. It’s a great mix and certainly a change of pace given the other genres that have really found strength on the iPhone. Highly recommended.
iCody Barcode Reader (Bob) – $7.99 – Scan thousands of barcodes and have the information sent straight to your Mac through additional software. The best thing is that it works with Delicious Library, which allows you to use the smaller and more portable iPhone to read barcodes rather than your Mac’s iSight camera. In the case that no WiFi is available, iCody will actually store all the barcodes scanned and then send them to your Mac when available.
Silly App of the Week:
Which Fruit Floats? – (Bob) – Free – Learn interesting facts about fruit while also trying to keep yourself guessing as to whether a certain fruit does actually float. We would have never expected it to arrive as an app, but it’s now here.
Core Topic: OS 4.0 vs. Jailbreaking
We discuss the differences between the proposed OS 4.0 changes and what you can currently do with a jailbroken iPhone. From multitasking to folders to additional features, we both concluded that despite Apple’s additions of multitasking and folders, which both look to be of high grade when compared to other jailbreak apps performing the same functionality, we still seek to jailbreak the upcoming 4th generation iPhone to access such functionality as LockInfo, SBSettings, LiveClock, Weather Icon, 3G Unrestrictor, Music Controls, or Orbit.

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