Aftercast Tuesday for the Week Ending February 1, 2009

It’s time again for Aftercast Tuesday, where we give a quick rundown of the other apps from the previous week that we took note of, but didn’t quite make the podcast itself.

Bob’s Aftercast for the week ending February 01, 2009:

tapestriTapestri – $0.99 -  Kinda hard to describe… it’s a sound-looping/scratching app to an extent. Might be fun to play with if it were free.

iviz iViz – $0.99 – Visualization software that doesn’t really work like a true visualizer- you set the BPM of the music and it just runs off of that. Would rather use Music Visualizer, which actually uses the Mic and is free (at the moment)

Angry Scot Angry Scot – Free Lite version or $0.99 Premium version – Ach, crivens! An app that gives you (with audio samples) 100 different ways to tell people ‘No’ in Scottish based on situation, Lite version is limited to 12 clips. Checked out the free version- it’s definitely amusing, but my one gripe would be that the sound clips could have used a bit more processing and cleaning up since there’s a definite hum in the background (at least when using headphones).

Tiny3D Tiny3D – $4.99 – $4.99 ‘on sale’, normally twice that?!?! 3D Viewer and editor that can apparently work with basic geometric shapes. Interesting concept- but seriously guys, $5 on sale and $10 normally? Good luck making back you Dev. Program Fee much less any actual money on it.

HashAPassHashAPass – $0.99 – Strong password generator using a parameter (like a site name) and a master password. Very basic app but looks like it would be useful if you want really strong passwords but don’t want to remember lots of different ones. Somewhat oddly, requires an internet connection…

Super Monkey Ball Lite Super Monkey Ball Lite – Free – Wow. The paid version has been around for since late August, and they’re just now coming out with a Lite version. I guess perhaps they’ve learned a bit from the other successes of lite/paid pairs. I wasn’t interested enough in it to pay $8 cold for it (especially with many complaints about how touchy the controls were), but I’ll check out the Lite version with no complaints.  After playing it though, I’m certainly glad I didn’t drop the $8 for it.

Dollar Origami Dollar Origami - appropriately enough, $0.99 – instructions for 50 different origami creations you can make with a dollar (or other…) bill. The concept definitely amused me, and if I used cash much anymore I’d probably pick it up to have fun, as they recommend, when leaving tips.

sgrenadepro Sound Grenade Pro – $0.99 – Paid version of the app from the programmer who wrote a roughly 10-line-of-code app out of frustration at not being able to come up with any good ideas only to find it rocket to the top of the free charts and make him a lot of money due to the in-app ads. Removes the adverts and adds more sounds.

FIREWALL: Defender FIREWALL: Defender – $0.99 – New tower defense game? I downloaded the lite version of it but every time I tried playing it, it crashed or worse, crashed my phone.

ez2mo Backup Contacts ez2Mo Backup Contacts – Free – Backs up your contacts to the web. Can’t really see that much of a demand for it given iTunes should do this automatically when you backup & sync the phone…

Mahjong Epic Mahjong Epic – $1.99 – Had high hopes when I saw this on AppSniper, but was disappointed to find that it’s yet another ‘mahjong’ solitaire game. I’m always on the hunt for good real Mahjong games.

Lelele no onsan Lelele no Onsan – Free – Ukelele tuner. Hey, even Ukes need some love on the App Store. :P

iMail- Contact Search, Email... iMail – $0.99 – Contact search & wide emil composer. Interesting combination, but a bit late to the game

fullbrowser Fullbrowser – Free - another ’3rd party’ browser.  A bit better function-wise than the previous ones I tested out- but ironically despite its minimilistic interface it’s still slower than Mobile Safari both at loading and (most noticeably) at navigation/zooming in pages.

AllYourBase All Your Base – $0.99 – Pretty much does what you’d expect it to- plays ‘all your base’ and other related quotes, including on a timer or as a ‘security device’ on the iPhone.

Right Angles Right Angles – $9.99 – An app to calculate the geometric properties of a triangle. That’s right, a $10 app that just gives you the slope, pitch, and angles of a right triangle. Though obviously fairly good when it comes to Geometry,  I think the developer needs to work on their basic arithmetic as I believe they got the decimal place wrong on the price….

pachinko Pachinko – $0.99 – While Sho Chiku Bai was is a pachinko game modeled after the modern electronic pachinko games , Pachinko is a simulator of the original all-mechanical ones. Looks like it would be fun.

Kevin’s Aftercast for the week ending February 01, 2009:

Fisherman Fisherman – Free Lite version or $2.99 Premium version – Not bad, a moderately fun arcade fishing game where try to line your hook with the fish swimming by. Has a nice upgrade system and acceptable graphics. Not sure what would make me want to upgrade to a $3 version though.

Jump Meter Jump Meter – Free -  Simple use of the accelerometer to determine how high you really jumped. Kind of neat.  Challenge your friends for the best score?

Croke Croke – Free Lite version or $1.99 Premium version -  A really fun version of Croke for the iPhone. Align your discs and knock other opponents off the board to win the round by scoring the most points. Though I doubt most people know of Croke, this version teaches you pretty quickly. A lot better than I expected and a great introduction to the board game.

Newzilla Newzilla – Free – Free RSS Feed reader that provides quick access. Was able to find my own personal RSS feeds with the search, so props right there.  Great interface for quickly reading first few lines and then immediately getting to the site via a built-in browser. Not feature heavy, but it is free.

iSpace iSpace – Free – Essentially the same thing as the awful Monkey Fire game from last week, but with a spaceship. This time I at least could figure out the controls right away.

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