Super Freedom Friday: Spending a Week Back Behind Bars

We’ve secretly replaced Bob’s usually Jailbroken iPhone 3G with a non-jailbroken one for the last week- let’s see if he notices…. Well, OK- so that’s now quite entirely accurate, but for the last week Yunocchi has been ‘un-jailbroken’ for both practical reasons and to give me something good to write about here on Super Freedom Friday.

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Toss-Up Thursday: RT @theappcast takes a look back at #Twitter #apps

In this Thursday’s (somewhat belated- sorry, been an extraordinarly hectic week), we take a look back at one of our first topics, Twitter apps, and specifically the recent updates to two of the ones we were most impressed with. Read more »

Gaming Wednesday: Blue Defense!

bluedefBlue Defense ($1.99)- Different people have different natures and prefer different tactics and approaches to things- Kevin and I are no different in this respect, and it’s kind of amusing that we both wanted to highlight two different but similar & related games in our respective turns at Gaming Wednesday. Last week, Kevin highlighted Blue Attack!- this week I’ll be taking a look at its somewhat simpler and yet absolutely no less compelling and addictive counterpart, Blue Defense. Read more »

The Appcast #7: February 22, 2009 – Top 5 Arcade Game Apps

069223This week’s core topic: Arcade Apps of our Youth – A look at our Top 5 Arcade Game Apps.

You can find the full show notes below the cut. Episodes can be downloaded by clicking the Episodes tab above.

Intro Music: Borderline D.U. Mix  from Mixter Two – I Don’t Know What I’m Doing by Brad Sucks.

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And I want it NOW!

Astute and frequent viewers of this site (hey there have to be a few besides Kevin and I…) will have noticed a few changes over the last day or so. That’s right, today we set up the Appcast NOW! page and its accompanying RSS & Twitter feeds. ”So, what is Appcast NOW! anyway?” Well, I’m glad you asked. 

The purpose of Appcast NOW! is to provide a place for us to post quick comments and thoughts on apps between the actual shows without completely spamming the ‘higher level’ Aftercast posts or the main page and to get you information (and the occasional entertainment) about apps much more quickly so if- as was the case with Space-X recently- there’s a really cool app released at a discounted price, you’ll know about it in time to take advantage of the price instead of potentially missing it due to our waiting to talk about it on the show (potentially a week after an app is released). Some fair warning though, some of the apps we post about there will likely also be in the podcast.

So, if you’re interested in more quick app reviews and thoughts, head on over to the Appcast NOW! link at the top of the page or go to, and subscribe to the Appcast NOW! RSS Feed, and follow AppcastNOW on Twitter.

I Love Katamari Lite

katamariliteI Love Katamari Lite (Free):  I’d heard rather bad things about lag in this game when it first came out, so despite loving the series I never picked it up (that I own both PS2 games didn’t help matters…), so I was curious to get the chance to try it out with the lite version. Honestly, I was rather impressed and didn’t notice the much real lag except for the ‘scale change’ parts which have lagged somewhat even on the console systems. It was surprisingly fun on the iPhone, but also kind of hard to go from playing it on a fairly good-sized HD set to playing it on the small iPhone screen. Definitely check it out if you’ve been on the fence about buying I Love Katamari and want to see if it might be worth the $8.

Super Freedom Friday: All the Little Things…

In today’s discussion of the ins and outs of jailbreaking, we’ll be discussing one of the simplest but most useful features available to jailbroken phones: status bar notifiers.

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Toss-up Thursday: The Battle for Gaming is On!


It is coming!

The Nintendo DSi has finally been given an official press release and we know that it will be arriving on April 5th in the United States. Sporting two cameras, an SD card slot, and a new matte finish, something tells me that Nintendo is catching on to the idea that mobile game sales are going to be the new hot thing in the general audiences market. After all, they did make the best financial decisions in this generation’s console and handheld markets. But, can the gaming giant really compete with a device that has one of the strongest satisfaction rates ever? Will we see a different battle on the US front than what we’ve seen in Japan?

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